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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Separated a Birth?

The other day I mentioned in passing here, that I had bought yet another pair of killer heels on my shopping spree in Eastbourne.   Now like many "Girls like me" I have something of a fixation on shoes.   I have several pairs of pretty, high heeled, not terrily practical shoes.   Luckily I do get a chance to wear them occasionally when playing concerts but there is no real practical justification for the sheer quantity of shoes I have, especially when I have to work quite hard to find a sensible pair to pop round to the shops in.

Stana has already beaten me to sharing this Lila strip commenting that she and Lila must have been separated at birth, triplets maybe?

Oh yes the shoes, the heels are 5 inches high but since they als have a 1 inch platform they are surprising comfortable and easy to walk in.   However I don't think I will be adopting the for work wear!
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