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Paula's Place

Friday, 16 May 2014

Excuses, excuses

Pardon my absence, after the extreme blogging of April May seems to have been a bit thin on the ground.   Just for a change I have got myself more than a little over committed.   One day I will have to learn how to say "no"

I have had at least one commitment every night for the last ten days, and the same for the next four.   Some of these commitments are for Paula, and some for Paul, guess which I'm looking forward to more.

One of last week's commitment was to play on the bandstand at Eastbourne.    Before playing I met up with three of my (female) friends and we travelled down to Eastbourne by train, nice and early so that we could hit the charity shops, then have a leisurely fish and chips lunch.   It was great fun trawling some different charity shops, I helped my good friend "S" make a couple of purchases, including a lovely floral skirt, which I would have bought if she hadn't.   I also managed a couple of purchases for myself.   All four of us happen to have the same size feet, I have my eyes open for a pair of sandals but I just can't help but notice any shoes that are in my size, so on this occasion it meant any shoes in our size!

In teasing the others I suggested a couple of pairs of extreme heels I found, when one pointed out that they were my size as well, I felt obliged to try them on, and they were surprisingly comfortable, so dear reader I bought them!   This did demand an explanation, so once again I found myself coming out to some more friends who totally failed to realise that this was a big thing.   I am constantly surprised by just how accepting and understanding people are.
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