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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Sometimes I wonder who you are, you people who come and look at my ramblings, some of you I do know from your comments, and some of you I actually do know.   But most just come, read, maybe look at the pictures and go again.    It is a strange sort of relationship we have, I poor out my heart, my innermost feelings fears and hopes, yet I have little idea of who I am talking to.

Sometimes I also worry about some of you.   I get a report each day telling me how many visitors I get, where they are from what operating system they use and which site they came from.   There is also a note from Google which tells the key search words people use to find me; and I can't help feeling that some of you must be very disappointed.

So far this weeks top search is "Fictionmania" which will take them to this post I penned some time back.   I fear they may be disappointed. Another popular search was "Cross Dresser in Leather Boots" or more bizarrely "blake lively in pantyhose" I hope they were disappointed.   Encouragingly the second most popular search of all time is "Thankyou" which I assume will take you to this, one of my favorite posts (also the first time I featured Betty Boop).

It seems that most of you are from the USA (nearly two thirds) with only slightly under a third of you from here in the UK.   I also have visitors from Canada, Australia, Germany , the Netherlands and as far afield as China, we really are a truly international community.

Whoever you are, however you got here, and wherever you are from I would just like to say

"If you have been ~ Thankyou for reading"
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