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Monday, 28 April 2014

X Marks the Spot

I suspect that many of my fellow Bloggers undertaking the A - Z Challenge will be finding today a bit challenging.   Today we have considerably fewer subjects to chose from, when I started thinking about this I felt that I basically had two choices, X-Chromosome or Xylophone.

Both of these do have a certain pertinence for my day today, this afternoon I have an appointment with my GP to discuss the results of last week's blood test and my possible referral on to the GID Clinic.   To be perfectly honest I was s surprised to get the call asking me to have the blood test that I didn't really establish what I was being tested for.   I think it is just the usual diabetes, cholesterol, and such like rather than anything more specialised, I think that will be done by the clinic in Charring Cross.   At some point some blood tests will be taken to check out things like hormone problems.   I rather hope that they find something "wrong"; it would be a great relief to be told that there is a medical reason why I feel how I do.   Like everyone else on the planet I have at least one X-Chromosome per cell, around half the population have two X and most of the other half have one X and one Y, I can't help wondering if there is something wrong with my balance or my Y.

I very much doubt if I will ever find out but it would make explanations a lot easier and save any of those blame issues.   Of course I have also just blown a perfectly good Y topic!

Later on this evening I will taking a rehearsal for a friend who is away, we will be rehearsing for a concert coming up in a couple of weeks, at least one of the pieces I will be rehearsing there is an important percussion part.   Unfortunately I have just discovered that the percussionist will not be at the rehearsal either, so what ever I do hear tonight it doesn't look as though the xylophone will be one of them.
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