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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Most of us have a complex relationship with stockings, when I wear stockings, as opposed to tights I feel quite different, it feels a little risqué, a little bit dangerous, and the combination of freedom and restriction is of itself quite exciting.   One thing I am sure of is that when I am wearing stockings I never forget them, like I can with just about any other garment.   I am constantly aware of the tug of the garter straps, the nakedness of my upper thighs, the risk of a fastening failing.   With all these issues why would I wear them?   Well I think part of it is the total femininity, part is the styles available, and I suspect that part of it is a left over from the remaining man in me who knows that they are sexy, and so I feel sexy too.

I wonder if it is the idea of availability, of exposure, I have heard it said the the combination of stockings and suspender belt frames the "area of interest".   Like many of these things it may (or may not) be quite complicated and does not really bare a lot of analyses.   I know I do have at least one (male) friend who finds stockings to actually be a bit of a turn off.

I very rarely wear stockings, so it is a special occasion when I do, it has to be said that tights are simply so much more practical, and for girls like me are much better for "containment" purposes.

A while back I bought a job lot of stockings, they are very nice and I have kept a couple of pairs for myself, the rest I have been selling on e-bay.   I have made a little profit, but the emphasis is on the little rather than the profit.   It has been both a learning exercise, and "a bit of fun".   What has interested me is that as far as I can remember every single pair has been bought by a man!
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