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Paula's Place

Monday, 21 April 2014

R & R

As in much of the world this is a long bank holiday weekend.   Friday and Monday are both holidays and most people will no have worked on Saturday.    It has not been quite so relaxed for me as I did work on Saturday and I was playing on both Friday and Sunday at different services.    The cumuative effects of the last few weeks ended up with me sleeping on the sofa most of yesterday afternoon, before retiring to bed at around ten O'clock, very early for me.

Rest and Relaxation should constitute an important part of our live styles.   Unfortunately for me many of the things that I do in my spare time are anything but restful.   Every now and then it seems that it is important to just STOP, sit down and take time to do nothing, to relax, veg out on the sofa in front of poor TV.   I don't find this very easy, I tend to be active too much of the time, whether it's work, music or blogging I feel as though I am constantly catching up with myself and feel guilty about time wasted.   I need to persuade myself that time spent unwinding is not wasted, it is valuably spent on restoration.

While trying to restore myself by watching the Grande Prix yesterday afternoon I had a surprise phone call ~ from of all people my Doctor.   I have never had a close relationship with my GP, indeed I would not recognise him if he was not in his office, so I was a little surprised get a phone call asking me to come in for a blood test.   My first reaction was that they had called the wrong person, but no, I need to have some blood tests done prior to my referal to the GID clinic.   Although I am not looking forward to the blood tests or indeed the fasting I will have to do first, I am at least reassured that my referral is progressing ~ however slowly.

So today my R could be renewal; renewal of self through restorative relaxation and renewal of self through Gender reconciliation, but instead my R is ready; I am ready to relax, and I am ready to start out this process, whether it leads to full transition or not.   I have even added a new label to my list, that label I have used for the first time today ~ Transition.
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