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Friday, 4 April 2014

Daffodils; and DOH!~ Disaster

It is that time of year when Spring is in full flight the early daffodils are beginning to go over just as the early tulips and late daffs are coming into their glory, My first garden of the day has a variety of, well, varieties of daffs this means that we get blooms for the best part of a couple of months.   I was particularly pleased this morning with the combination with the aubrietia, I love that contrast of the yellow and mauve, and both are in their full pomp.   As they decline the roses will be in flower distracting the eye from the untidy old foliage.

It is important at this time of year to keep checking on your bulbs, daffodils in particular, to remove the dead flower heads.   This will stop them putting energy into producing seeds, rather they will feed the bulb so you will get good blooms again next year.   I rather enjoy walking around the garden and just pinching out the old flowers, not too arduous and a good reason to really look at all of the garden.   The rest if the day's work was not quite so pleasant and relaxing, lots of grass cutting, lots of weeding and finally three hours treating a fence.   I think I'm going to have something like a full day left to do on that fence it is so dry!

As for my disaster, I observed yesterday how weary I had become, well I'm one of those people who makes mistakes when I get tired, the other afternoon my fingers forgot what instrument they were holding and started playing all the wrong fingerings, a bit like Morecambe and Wise's "He's playing all the right notes ~ jut not necessarily in the right order".   In a way it was a bit like not having a brain but just relying of muscle memory, the really stupid thing is that it was in a solo, playing ~ "If I only had a brain" from the Wizard of Oz.   Anyway I digress, Wednesday night going to bed I caught a lamp with my sleeve, knocked it over so it landed on my laptop screen totally destroying it.   Now I have to take it to hospital to see if the nice man can make it better.   I expect that I shall now be without it for a good few days, and since I manage my business on that machine as well as the rest of my life I am left floundering.

Fortunately my wife still had my old one so I have borrowed that back so I can at least keep up to date with this blog and all the other on-line stuff, even if I can't get invoices out or do my accounts.
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