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Paula's Place

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Coffee and Cake

I have been weary all day (I should say that I am writing this last thing on Tuesday night ready for posting early on Wednesday morning, hopefully before I am even out of bed), it is not so much that yesterday was particularly tiring or indeed that today has been particularly hard.   No it is more the accumulated lack of sleep over the last few days that has now caught up with me.

It all started Saturday night with the concert I played down in Fleet in Hampshire, by the time I got home from there it was already about one O'clock in the morning, with the loss of an hour that was actually two O'clock, then I had a rehearsal, concert and another rehearsal on Sunday, a full day's work on Monday followed by another rehearsal, Tuesday evening I hosted my home group and then today I was up early for a prayer meeting I like to attend.    Unfortunately this evening it all caught up with me.

My plan for the evening had been to have a quick bath and shave, get dressed and go and do some shopping before having my dinner and doing a bit of tuba practise.   So much for planing.   When I finished work I got home made a pot of tea sat down on the sofa and promptly feel asleep.   Waking up I was reluctant to abandon all my plans so a quick bath on with the slap and ready to eat and then do my shopping.   I knew exactly what I wanted to wear, a nice lightweight black and white tunic/mini-dress that exactly suited my mood.   But when I opened my wardrobe it wasn't there!   I looked in all the drawers, on the shelves at the top and all through the hangers (there are quite a lot), I couldn't see it anywhere, I looked again, then I looked in the airing cupboard, the drawers in my bed, the bottom of the clothes basket, everywhere.   Eventually I went back to my wardrobe and went through the hangers again and there it was, just where it should be.

At this point I gave up got dressed and ate my dinner, the only shopping I managed was to pop next door to Tesco's Express to get some milk and a cream bun, which I am now enjoying with a cup of coffee.   It is already too late for an early night but once I have finished my coffee I shall be turning in.   The shopping will have to wait until tomorrow.

One odd thing that did happen during the day, I popped into my bank to pay in some cheques and enquire about opening another account, it appears that I need to have a meeting with someone at one of their larger branches, the first available appointment isn't until the 28th of April, as I want this account in my Paula name I shall be going to this meeting appropriately dressed.
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