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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Six Nations, One Winner

Well that's it the Rugby Six Nations tournament has draw too a thrilling, and generally pretty unexpected conclusion.   Much will be written about this championship, how close it all was right up to the last minute, the high quality of the second rows, the poor quality of the front rows, the giant centres who can break any tackle, but can't pass, the great Brian O'Driscoll.  

The French side that beat England in the last minute and nearly did the same to Ireland but somehow failed to turn up for the other three games, the Welsh team that could have beaten the world but only came third in the table, how the French managed to beat the first and second teas but only came fourth.    There have been some massive collisions between massively fit hunky men, dynamic d├ębuts and retirements.  

The message for the World cup, all of the European teams can be beaten.   The great teams, Johnson's and Carling's England, Eales' Australia, any All Blacks team have the knack of being able to win their bad games, none of this current crop seem to have that aura of invincibility.

As I say much will be written about all of this, here I want to draw attention to the beards, in any ways 2014 has been the year of the beard! D'Arcy has had his shaved off to celebrate Ireland's Championship, I wonder if it will be back.


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