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Paula's Place

Friday, 21 March 2014


Yesterday I wasted nearly the whole day waiting for my windows to be fixed, by the time the job was finished it was basically too late to go out and get on with any work.   I was feeling frustrated about not working and of course the attached loss of income and ended up feeling very "down".   I ended up spending the evening lying on the sofa watching lots of TV that I had recorded earlier.   I also hit the comfort food, fridge type investigations didn't give much joy but I ended up cooking some diced potato, carrot, onion and chorizo in olive oil and herbs de Provence, a big pile of warm slightly spiced comfort.   At another time of year I would probably have washed it down with too much wine, but I resisted temptation.   Well I resisted that temptation, still feeling the need for comfort I made myself a pint of custard topped off with double cream. Not the healthy option, but ideal when it's too cold for ice cream.

This morning a whole new day, sun shinning in through the bedroom widow, interesting variety of gainful employment and physical activity beckoned.   First job was to clear out a garage and take the contents to the dump, I added a few things from home I wanted to get rid and off I went.   While at the dump I managed to shut my finger in the van's sliding side door.   A little blood, a lot of swelling and a lot of pain, retire home to feel the pain and shame, drink coffee and ponder on another day buggered.

So I have ended up sitting at home feeling sorry for myself watching awful daytime telly

This week started really well, and has just got worse.   I can only hope that tomorrow will better.
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