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Paula's Place

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's night

Valentine's night is the busiest dating night of the year, so it is also one of the hardest to find yourself alone.   Raher than face that I agreed to play at the Valentine's night ball for the totally barmy Last Tuesday Society.   The LGSO seem to be a bit of fixture starting off these events, I suspect that we are a bit of a cultural fig leave, but never mind, it helps to pay the bills.   Last night's ball was a little less boners than the others I've played at, but it did strike me that there were an awful lot singles there hoping to "pull" but none of them seemed to be trying too hard, indeed a lot seemed to be spending a lot of tie with their phones.

Late it also struck me that it was possibly the saddest way to spend Valentine's night, sitting in grotty changing room in the Elephant & Castle drinking lager out of the can with a bunch of gay blokes!  Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the night, and the guys are always excellent entertaining company.   It's just that on this night of all nights a girl (or come to that a bloke) wants to be made to feel special, wanted, and maybe that they are desirable.    At least one of the punters did find me desirable, unfortunately I couldn't reciprocate ~ anyway that's another story.

Walking back to the van after our performance the wind was really getting up and had my coat flapping all over the place, I was nearly blow over once, and I was quite glad that even if short my dress was quite tight, other wise I would have displayed that which shouldn't be displayed to a couple of very busy bus stops!

After all that I arrived home to an empty house, please to have made it but a little "down" at being alone.   When I walked into my lounge I found a card and gift from my Daughter saying " I hope you're not feeling lonely today" and "Just a reminder that you are loved!"   I went to bed very happy after all.
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