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Paula's Place

Friday, 14 February 2014

Not a Natural

I was chatting with one of my customers earlier today ~ I was chatting because, lets face it, with this weather I can't actually get on with any work ~ and showed her a couple of photos of Paula.   She asked about my clothes, had I many? where did I get them? that sort of thing, she also observed that "A Girl Can't Have Too Many Clothes"

Well sometimes I wonder, I actually think that I probably do have too many clothes.   When I was less out and couldn't wear what I wanted when I wanted, one way to affirm my femininity was to buy feminine garb.   I suspect that I have become well known in one or two of our more local charity shops.   The end result is that I have far more clothes, many of them items that I will rarely get an opportunity to wear.   I like to dress well, I like elegance, so I have quite a lot of dresses and a few suits (again mostly dress and jacket suits) these are not the sort of thing I can wear for work, or a evening in the Pub or at rehearsal, there's a bit f me that says I should have a cull, but there is nothing there any more that I can say I will not wear.   I just don't necessarily know when.

I also look at all those clothes and think about how much I have spent over the years building up this impressive wardrobe.   For what it is I have spent very little, but with work being so difficult at the moment money is in short supply and the profligacy offends my inner puritan.   I have actually tried doing a bit of on-line trading through e-bay, but have so far singularly failed to sell a single item.   Perhaps I made the mistake of trying to trade in items I would like rather than thinking what others might want to spend their money on.

I am sell (or rather not succeeding in selling) stockings and ear studs maybe I should stick to what I know.   It looks like I will be stuck with a lifetimes supply of era studs, and will be wearing stockings for the next couple of years.
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