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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Time to re-hang the Binary

When my wife left home, one of the first things I did was to move Paula in.   Now that will be no surprise to anyone in a similar situation, the relief of being able to liberate my clothes from suitcases in the garage, to be able to hang them up and treat them properly, to be able to wash them when needed and dry them properly all this was quite considerable.   I had already stared to wear more and more "female" clothes as part of my regular male wardrobe, tights, jeans the odd pair of shoes or boots, but now I could bring the whole lot indoors and have freedom of choice.

So, vacant wardrobe, ~ not for long, I soon had all of Paula's clothes hanging on one side and all of Paul's on the other, and things have stayed pretty much like that for the last six months.  

I looked in the wardrobe the other day as I was packing for my weekend away, and was struck that the separation was rather arbitrary, of all people why was I perpetuating the gender binary in my wardrobe? Wouldn't it make more sense to hang all the trousers together, all the skirts together, all the tops together, etc. etc. you get the idea.   At the moment it seems particularly silly that I have ladies' jeans hanging in the boy side of the wardrobe, simply because they are what I have been in the habit of wearing most of the time.

This might also be a good time to consider the destiny of the twenty or so ties I still have even though I properly wear one less that fifteen times a year.
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