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Paula's Place

Monday, 3 February 2014

I'm, Back

I'm slowly catching up after my weekend away, it's amazing just how much Facebook, Google+ and Blog stuff goes on over a weekend, and that's without all the cartoons I have to follow each and every day.

I do enjoy all the blogs I follow and miss them when I am away.

One of the things about going away is that we see different shops, I am used to my local Tesco, as I am sure most of us are, over the weekend I had occasion too visit two other branches of this self same store.   One thing that all three branches have in common, and therefore I suspect all the others do as well, is an aisle of "Seasonal" produce.   Curious to see what Tesco might think is seasonal in late January/early February I checked, and yes they have - Easter eggs.

How the blazes are Easter eggs seasonal in February? it's not even Lent yet.   But then what can we expect from a society that supplies us with Hot Cross Buns all year around?
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