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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Shopping, and stuff

Men buy clothes because they need them
Women buy clothes because they like them
T Girls buy clothes because they can

Well I'm being very good and have been (manfully?) resisting the temptations to buy things, and particularly clothes, that I definitely do not need.   My wardrobe is already much fuller than I could ever justify, and given that this is my leanest tie of year, I have to tell myself that I can't buy clothes!   I do believe that I have now actually got to the point where I could have a choice of outfit for any given situation, so there is no way I can now say that "I need......."   Of course there are always a few things that I would like, but other things have to be higher on my spending priorities, things like the Mortgage and Income Tax.

Coming home by bus the other night after a nice evening out with my friend I found myself on the same bus as a couple of girls I had a pleasant little exchange with a the bus stop.   We continued to chat for a bit about this and that, and then a little about our Churches ~ one of the girls then gave me an invitation to a Christian Conference being held locally at the Fairfield Hall.   I' not sure whether I will go or not, it is being held on what is already a busy weekend for me, but I was particularly impressed since the the conference is titled "Lady to Lady 2014"   Either they are very liberal for evangelicals or it was darker than I realised.

And finally back to my shopping theme; as always seems to happen when I have least funds machines go wrong, my strimmer broke it's drive shaft and my chain saw has been playing up.   The strimmer I have to replace, and will be picking up the new one tomorrow after winning an E-Bay auction.   The chain saw is repairable, but I needed a new diaphragm for the carburettor.   The manufacturers do not produce spare diaphragms, or rebuild kits, no you have to buy a whole new replacement carburettor!   What I should have been able to fix for pennies will now cost me over £30, not much less than a whole new saw.
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