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Friday, 17 January 2014


Listening to the news the other day, first we had lurid details of the Dave Lee Travis sexual abuse case then there was more on the rape case against William Roache, the Coronation Street actor, this was followed by a piece about Lord Rennard the Lib Dem Lord who has been accused of sexual harassment   Finally we got the the verdict of the Peterborough Sex ring trial.   This all seemed like an awful lot of sex, and we still have more to come, the experts tell us that there are many more of these "sex rings" around the country, indeed Police are investigating several other cases in Peterborough alone.   On top of all that we still have all the fall out from the Saville situation, including Rolf Harris (ROLF HARRIS!) being charged.

I wondered how much of this reporting is simply prurient voyeurism, how much is that there is simply mre abuse than there used to be, or perhaps more to the point is there a changing attitude as to what is, and what is not acceptable.   With many of these high profile cases it seems that  at the time the offender was thought to be inviolate, and that the women, or girls, involved should "not make a fuss".   Casting my mind back to the 1970s I can remember situations that would now be considered as sexual abuse, but at the time were thought of as "just a bit of fun".

As a woman, and parent of a teenage girl I trust that there is a change in attitude, that she will grow up in a safer, fairer world.   Let's all do what we can to make that the case.

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