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Paula's Place

Monday, 20 January 2014


Some mornings I have a real problem getting started, part of it is knowing what I a going to do first, part of it is lethargy (possibly depression related) and part of it is natural idleness.

Well I have been trying to get into the habit f making morning appointments as if I know someone is relying on me turning up I am better at making the effort to get started.   This morning (Monday) I had no appointments but plenty t be getting on with.   As I drove the van home last night I noticed a disconcerting noise from under the bonnet, it was dark and I couldn't see any cause so limped carefully home and parked up.  This morning I went out to the van and found I had a flat tyre! I know it was OK when I parked, so I set about changing it only to find that I have lost the special tool I need to get the spare out of it's cradle.    I managed to pump up the old tyre enough to get me to the Tyre place and have it fixed, but this didn't help with the noise.

So next stop was the garage, nothing too serious, it's the alternator drive belt but this still needs to be done, so Tuesday she goes in to have a new belt fitted.   All this when I am really short on the financial front and could do with working every day and no spending any money.   I think I should be OK for a couple of short journeys so at least I can get rid of a load of waste and pick up some supplies for a job I have in hand

These really arn't the sort of things I thought I had signed up for when I became a self employed gardener
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