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Paula's Place

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lots of dresses

The Telegraph does love their lists, the latest to catch my attention is their pick of Paris, with 20 Haute Couture dresses "to die for" now some of these are quite nice to look at, as long as the wearer is that "perfect shape" but quite frankly I can't see one of them that I would actually wear.    That is of course allowing for the simple fantasy that I could either afford the or have a suitable occasion.

I suspect that the root is that designers are not showing dresses in Paris that are made for girls like me, I may be around the ideal height for one of their models, but I am not the ideal build or indeed the ideal age.

For those of us who cannot bare our shoulders without looking like builders, do not wish to display the wobbly bits at the top of our thighs and wish our underwear to stay hidden I think we will stick to the ever faithful Little Black Dress.

Once again this morning I have been greeted with enough rain to stop me going out to work, so I will be making a couple of repairs to one of my own little black dresses so that I a ready for my next concert with LGSO on the 16th February.   I do have a couple of performances before that, one for a valentines day ball, since I have yet to get a better offer, and another which is more of a public play through, and to be honest on that one I'm not sure who is going to be playing the bass trombone, him or her.
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