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Tuesday, 28 January 2014


As seems to happen so often, this morning there was a conversation on the radio about work/life balance.   Now I don't really get this I do not have a life that is separate to my work, nor do I have work that is separate to my life.   House work to me is work but it is unfortunately part of my life, as is playing and practising music doing gardens, building and mending fences, shopping cooking and washing up.   So far I have only found people who will pay me for some of these, but does that mean that those things I am paid for are work and the others are life?

I enjoy gardening, indeed that's why I do it after all I am sure I could earn more money doing something else.   I used to make my living playing music but that ever felt as much like work as driving to the gigs did.   I suppose the thought is that we are not meant to enjoy our work, so it becomes separate from the things we do enjoy, that seems to me to be rather sad.

I think we would be better off considering life balance, whatever it is we do to earn money we need too set aside time to rest, sometimes we need to rest from the things we love doing but do not get paid for, sometimes we even need to have time away from the people we love.   This is about balance, I think including the word "work" puts the whole thing out of balance.

But then maybe that's because I enjoy my work, or possibly because I'm out of balance.
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