Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Thursday, 14 November 2013


A couple of weeks ago I came out to a friend of mine after the band rehearsal, I haven't seen her since as last week she wasn't at the rehearsal, indeed none of my drinking partners were at the rehearsal last week so I was left with the choice of either drinking on my own as "Billy no mates" or going home.   I went home.   This week spoilt for for choice, three of my friends could come to the pub after rehearsal; two I am out to one not yet, I will but I want to talk to him and his wife at the same time.

As we were walking into the pub my friend "C" passed me a little package, "a little gift for your other self" not to be opened in the pub, and wrapped in pink paper.   I just about managed to restrain myself and resisted the temptation to peep until I got home.   Ripping the paper asunder I discovered a lovely pair of sparkly drop earrings.    My first proper earrings, and indeed my first proper gift as Paula.

To say I am chuffed is something of an understatement I value the gift way beyond the value of the item.   That she thought of me when seeing them, and then bought them for me as a gift I think is a good sign for the future.   As my friend does not work full time, I forecast lunches!
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