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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Feeling a little Blue

"I woke up this morning feeling rather blue, it's not all that surprising I'm an ancient Briton you see."   There is a special Tufty Badge surprise winners present for anyone who gets that one!

I actually woke up not feeling very good, on a friend's sofa coughing with the cold I've caught and feeling the twin effects of too much booze and an unwise curry.   Having said all that it was a good night, the second one in succession.   Friday night I went up to the South Bank with my daughter and enjoyed an evening looking around at the different stalls in the Christmas Market and having dinner at Wagamama's.   These outings with my daughter are very much the highlight of my week, and this one was extra fun.   We liked what we saw so much that we will be going back in a couple of weeks to buy our Christmas presents, I will confess there were some earrings I rather fancy for myself as well, but I do need to exercise some self control.

Yesterday was a much odder day, I spent most of it at our Church at an all day Men's Conference, called "Men Behaving Badly", at ties I did feel a little out of place, but the one comment I will relate to you here is one from one of our leaders who said The Church has been trying to turn us men into Women" I just thought to myself "Well in my case I wish they would try a it harder".   However it was a good day, in principle I am slightly against the idea of splitting up across the gender divide, I feel that we should just be people, or in the case of the Church Christians.   However from my unique view point ~ I have attended both a men's and a women's conference, not because of my gender confusion, no but because a couple of years ago we had no women who could operate our sound desk, so I was appointed an honorary woman for the day and sat in on all the sessions ~ I have noticed that both the men and the women will talk more freely about some really important stuff when they are away from the "other side"

After this "Conference" I popped over to see my friend B, and as I have already observed we over indulged a bit, this was never our intention, it was just that "as they say" one thing led to another.   We had just intended to have a couple of quick pints but we when we got to the pub we found that they were having a "Cocktail" evening, so after our couple of pints we reacquainted ourselves with Kir Royal, and after a few of those I stood no chance of driving home so I ended up with a take away curry and a night on the sofa.
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