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Monday, 4 November 2013

A Perfect Start?

I have just been watching(for the second time) highlights of England's defeat of Australia at Twickenham yesterday.   I just can't get enough of England beating Australia, there is always a special glee to beating Australia, whether it's at Rugby or Cricket (the only two team sports worth playing) and I hope to enjoy more victories over Australia as our Cricketers get on with the Ashes tour down in the Southern Hemisphere.   Every Australian I have met I have liked, but when it comes to sport they are the enemy.  The only thing that compares with beating the Australians is beating the French.

At the end of the game I noticed that flashed up on one of the score boards was the message "The Perfect Start" well it was good to win but I think it was a long way from perfect.   A lot of the individual performances were below par, Ashton did very little and what he did do wasn't very good, Wilson scrimmaged well when he came on, but seems out of his depth with the rest of his game at this level. The front five did very well destroying the Australian scrum a few times, but against Argentinian and especially the All Blacks I fear it may be a different matter.   I worry a little there is no English forward who the opposition fear playing, when England have done well they have had Johnson, Dooley, Probyn, or Leonard players who made the opposition's' blood run cold with fear, there is no one who does that now, I say bring on the big beasts.

I know many of you aren't into Rugby so I will limit myself, it was the "Perfect Start" that struck me, well in many ways I think I had the perfect start this morning.   Resisting the temptation to go out drinking last night I had a quite evening, after work I went grocery shopping, then had a nice dinner and an early night, by my own recent standards that is.   So this morning I woke up feeling quite good, at a sensible time, giving me time to have a nice leisurely breakfast with lots of fresh coffee, a nice shower and get dressed without rushing and a walk to Church through the park enjoying the sunshine.

It is nice to wake up when the sun is up and not be rushed, it is also nice to wake up wearing a satin nightie.   It is nice to not have to worry about taking turns in the bathroom, not having to wait for others or worry about their breakfast habits but to have what I want, it's not so nice to be alone.
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