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Thursday, 21 November 2013

A little bit of Donahue

Over at the "Condo" Cyrsti has posted an old Donahue video with group of Cross Dressers the subject of questions, of course being British I didn't get a chance to see this at the time but it is interesting to see how much some things have changed, and in other ways how little.    Public attitudes are now a lot more liberal and accepting (in my experience) but understanding is still very limited.    I know when I come out there is often an immediate assumption that is related to sexuality, or that it is a lifestyle choice.   We need these public affirmations to help people understand who we are.

Now by modern standards the quality of the film is very poor, but it did take me a while to realise that two of these women were not cross dressers, but one a wife and anther a Doctor there as an "expert", maybe part of my confusion was down to the rather "over the top" styles of the day.   This is well worth watching, even if some of the comments and the constant use of the male pronouns will grate a bit, there are a few comments that are most affirming.

Maybe it's time that we did something like this here in the UK, I've just been watching loose women, do you think they'd have me on a a guest?

One thing that struck me as remaining very much the same was assertion that being out, being honest with myself about this has taken away the guilt.
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