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Sunday, 27 October 2013


It is now 01:59 according to my laptop clock I have just got back from the "masked ball" I was playing at with a group of musicians from the LGSO, I have often observed that it is good to be able to still have new experiences at my age, but I'm afraid that not all of them are pleasurable.   This ball turned out to be anything but what I originally expected, certainly not a ball in way I recognised it.   More an adventure in hedonism and an exercise in decadence (and very loud), most of the patrons were in fancy dress, those that were wearing clothes that is, and some of those who were wearing clothes might as well have not been.   I know that some people do enjoy this sort of thing, but not me.

Maybe I'm too old, or straight laced, but it comes to something when the 55 year guy wearing RHT seamed tights, short culottes and peep toe high heel sling backs is the boring, normal one. I would probably have fitted in better if I had taken off my outer clothing and walked around in my lingerie, but to be honest this is not an area of society I want to fit in with.

The event is organised by the Last Tuesday Society and the orchestra have been sending a group to play at these events for some time, I have to say that it is not musically satisfying, the audience makes up with enthusiasm what it lacks in discernment, but we know how well we played and how much effort we put into it.   Having said all this I understand that there is a decent fee to the orchestra involved and that this  helps fund the rest of what we do, so on that basis it is a good thing.

But I'm not at all sure I want to go back next year.

So after a strange day, a combination of hard physical work and hedonism, I'm finishing off with a glass of Scotland's finest before retiring to ready myself for tomorrows battle with the M4
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