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Saturday, 14 September 2013

What a Waste

As seems to be becoming all too usual I woke up at 6:30 this morning, in any ones book that is a silly time to get up on a Saturday morning so I rolled over and went back to sleep, waking up again at nearly quarter to eleven.   I quickly realised that I had a van full of green waste that really needed to be g rid of so I threw on a few clothes and dashed over to Swanley to the central composting site I use, knowing they close at twelve I made a bit of a dash for it.

I arrived just in time, or at least I would have it hadn't been for a couple of fire engines blocking the way, complete with flashing lights and lots of hunky men running around.   With no alternative I came back home and had to unload my waste into my garden.   I needed the van relatively clear as I was meeting my daughter for lunch, and half a tonne of green waste doesn't do much for the aroma.   I ended up being rather late meeting her, but we still had a nice lunch together, I find I am really enjoying these times with my daughter, in may ways they are fast becoming the highlights of my week.

This evening I will be going to a meeting of my support group (we are having a session with a makeup rep so maybe a few tips) and then tomorrow I will be playing for an evening service up in town before driving down to Cardiff for a couple of days with my Mother.   I won't be back till Tuesday evening so depending on how much time I get in the morning my posts may be a bit sparse for the next few days.   I could really do with a break but I'm not at all sure that this is going to be in any way restful.   300 miles driving, shopping cooking cleaning and a hospital appointment are not a recipe for a holiday, but it could be the closest I'll get for a while.

It is a few months since I have been able to get to one of my groups meetings so I am looking forward to tonight's get together it will be good to see them all again, and maybe I will learn something about my makeup regime as well.   Of course I still haven't decided what I am going to wear, bt right now I' going up for a bath to start preparing for the evening.
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