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Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend Workout

Most people use the weekend to relax, take some time out from the day to day working life, do nothing, or do the things that they can't during the working week, because of work.   Not me, I work.   Saturday I just about managed to complete the pointing on some paving we have been laying in time for the customer to host a barbecue on the Sunday.   This customer has become a friend, and indeed a role model for her dress sense.   She is one of those infuriating women who you suspect would look good in anything, but only ever see in good quality, well cut elegant clothes.   On Saturday she was unusually casual in jeans, and still looked soooo good.

After work on Saturday I went shopping with my daughter, we had clothes to take back, but of course still managed to buy some more.   I yearn for the day when I can go clothes shopping with her and buy something for me!   The day will come, but I don't want to push her too fast, while at the same time I fear that by delaying I could miss the boat.   I have found that although I now spend less time with my daughter the time we do have together is better, we both "invest" in that time because we know it is limited so rather than winding each other up we have actually started to talk.   Strangely I feel that our relationship is actually improving.   After the shopping a pizza and a film ~ not such a bad way too spend a Saturday.

Sunday found me once again with too much to do, so I stuck my laundry in the machine and went to Church, after the service I did spend a little tie with some friends, however busy you are there should always be tie for a coffee with friends ~ before home, hang out washing, get changed, load up van and off for a performance on Clapham Common Bandstand.

The band was only so so but we did have an audience and the ones who stayed through the four season of weather we experienced seemed to enjoy themselves.   After that a quick change and up to Kings Cross for an LGSO rehearsal, I could have done without this but I wanted to check the music as I have only played one of the pieces before.   For once my heart was not really into getting changed, but I felt I should go, so I did, nothing to elaborate, inspired by my customer the previous day, just jeans and a blouse.   But once I was changed and went to the rehearsal I felt relaxed, confident, ~ me!

Up at the top I say something about this being a place where I can come to terms with my cross dressing, I think I took a step forward this weekend without even meaning to, maybe I will have to change the bits at the top as well as the bits at the side.   It's not just my clothes that are changing.
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