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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Friends, Romans........

So, a carpenter is working on the ground at a building site when one of the roofers working above him drops a slate, the slate falls straight down and slices the carpenters ear clear off his head.   Knowing the wonders of modern surgery everyone gathers round to try and find the carpenters ear in the mud.   Someone finds an ear holds it up and says "Is this your ear" the carpenter says "No, mine had a pencil behind it"

Well this ear is mine, yesterday I went into Bromley and had my ears pierced, in some ways it seems incredible that I have managed to get to the age I have without having this done before.   The whole experience was a lot less traumatic, or indeed painful than I had imagined and only took a couple of minutes.   Surprisingly, even though just put in the studs were more comfortable than any of the clip ons I have, they are very small with just a little bit of a sparkle, I suspect that they will be barely noticeable.

I have to wait for six to eight weeks before I can start to wear "proper" earrings, it is only three weeks to the next LGSO concert so I will either have to go without or wear some clip ons next to the studs.
While there I checked out several charity shops and even resorted to Primark at one point, I am currently looking for two things, a pair of "riding" style boots and a casual jacket, preferably leather.   The only casual jacket I have for cooler days is blue denim and I am never quite sure about double denim, especially if both bits are the same colour.   I found a jacket I did like in Primark, but the queue for the tills was so long I thought I would over stay my parking.   Walking back to the van I saw three girls wearing the exact same jacket I had nearly bought!

After that it was just a relatively boring trip to the supermarket, although while there I did have a couple of conversations on one occasion about how to cook sea bass and a general chat with another lady while we queued up for the checkout.

I was just dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, with a denim jacket and some Cuban heeled boots, all items I have worn while in drab, but there could be no confusion as to how I was presenting.   Where ever I went during the day I was treated as the woman I am, I was particularly pleased to hear one lady tell her husband that he was "in that lady's way"   In many ways I suspect that I am more accepted when I dress to blend rather than for "Glamour".
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