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Paula's Place

Monday, 19 August 2013

Black is the New Black

Yesterday, after my photo shoot I was feeling very much "all dressed up and nowhere to go, I tried a couple of friends to see if I could get some company for lunch but they were both busy, so I settled for a couple of gasses of wine in the Grape & Grain before making my way home.   I'm glad I did pop in as being Sunday lunchtime they often have some live music, yesterday it was a very good guitarist ad a girl singer doing some cool jazz.   I really quite enjoy this style and they were very good.   After that I had a wander around the flea market that springs up on a Sunday, but saw nothing that called out to me.

After an afternoon of housework and laundry I decided that I would have a nice dinner so popped next door to Tesco's and picked up some posh fishcakes and some ice-cream, add in a nice salad and a bottle of wine and it was a very nice dinner.   I probably enjoyed it all the more as I had decided to change and "dress for dinner" getting out another LBD and some sparklies.

I haven't worn this dress out yet as although it is a good fit and very comfortable I suspect it is a little on the short side, still I do have at least four concerts lined so that could account for all four LBDs unless I get a chance to wear one of the long ones.   If I am honest I have to admit I do really have too many black dresses, I must stop even looking at them in the shops, there are so many things that should be much higher on my list f financial priorities.
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