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Paula's Place

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Shoot

This morning I got up early to get myself ready for the photo shoot, I had done my nails the previous night so just had to shave (everything!); do my hair; pack my bag; do my make up; and, get dressed; so no pressure there then! (semicolons Meg!)

I just about managed to get everything done and ready to set off just before ten, in all it took me about two and half hours, and I usually pride myself on not taking too long to get ready.   It's just as well that it didn't take me any longer as there were so many road works I only just managed to make it to Dalston in time.   The guys doing the photos were great, and although the studio was set up in their lounge, they were very professional about the whole thing and set me very much at ease.   Justin took the photos while Nathan "Supervised" and "Helped"

I wore my white / pink / mauve flowery dress up there and took the pink linen one as well as both the long black evening gowns, the boys decided that THE Dress was definitely the one they wanted, so after a, not too, quick change I wore that for all the photos, I felt very glamorous, elegant  and sophisticated, and from what I saw I think Justin will have made me look that way as well.

I am really looking forward to seeing some of the shots he took, and the finished artwork for the poster, I have been promised a copy of one of the shots so I will post it here just as soon as I have it.

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