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Paula's Place

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pink Fog

It is now nearly four weeks since my wife decided to move out, as well as all the other implications of this it did mean that I could now dress how I like when I like, of course with freedom comes responsibility so naturally I did not take this freedom to work with me!   On the other hand at weekends and evenings I could now do as I wish, and let’s be honest I did.

The pink fog came down in strength and every evening and all the free time during weekends would find me fully feminine, this is a freedom I have never felt before as before our marriage I was still very conflicted about the whole thing and constrained by both societal pressures and my own inexperience and lack of understanding.   Now if I wanted to dress for dinner I could, if I just wanted to change into something a little more casual and comfortable after work I could, oh yes and the satin PJs didn’t have to stay hidden away for nights when one or the other of us was away.

I fully expected that after a few days the fog would start to rise and I would only feel the imperative to be dressed occasionally.   As so often happens I was wrong!   Even this evening have got home after nearly 14 hours on the road I still felt the urge to get changed.   Being pretty tired and aware that I need to shower before bed, anyway I have resisted the temptation ~ so far.   I can’t help wondering if this will pass, or will the obsession continue and even grow?   Now I having started to walk this path I am a little nervous of where it may take me.

There is the old joke, “What’s the difference between a cross dresser and a transsexual?” answer “about three years”   Well it seems that I have already sacrificed a great deal on the altar of honesty, I wonder how much more I may be asked, or am prepared to sacrifice?
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