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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Burger without Ketchup?

I think it was Stana on Femulate who first said a bad day En Femme is better than a good day in drab.

About once a month I have quite a long, boring data entry type job, which basically involves sitting at the computer for several hours doing some really boring stuff.   In order to make life a bit more entertaining over the last few months I have been getting dressed and then taking my lap top out to a hotel or coffee shop, this month as our domestic arrangements have changed I stayed home, and spent most of the morning putting in the data.   Certainly getting dressed and made up makes me feel so much better that the really boring job becomes just that much more bearable.

When it came to lunch time I had got a burger to cook myself, one big problem I was out of ketchup!   This should not be a problem since we have a Tesco's Local right next door.   As it is so convenient I use this shop quite a lot, enough that the staff recognise me, so I was a little reluctant to go in there dressed.

I was faced with the problem which would be worse, a Burger without Ketchup or going into my local shop en femme.   It probably says something about me that I decided the idea of a burger with ketchup was the worse option.   Of course when I went in nothing happened, there was no one shopping there who knew me, and nobody pointed and started laughing!
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