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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Concert II

Sunday was the first time we had the full section together, the Villa-Lobos did make a bit more sense with all the parts covered, but it is still not going on my Christmas list.   It is far too complicated, and much of it is just not natural, the notes just aren't where you expect them and they go in a different direction, the whole thing is a bit counter intuitive.   Still it was nice to have four trombones!
we even had a Piano Accordian

I have already written a bit about the Symphony ~ it really is fantastic ~ so I will say a little about the Shostakovich, this piece is normally know as the Jazz suite, but the title is more accurately translated as suite for cabaret orchestra, whatever that is supposed to be.   Again it uses tremendous forces, especially bearing in mind that it is a pretty light weight work, I'm sure that for Shostakovich it was primarily a bit of fun.   It is certainly fun to play, we all enjoyed playing it and I think that came across to the audience. interestingly something that had never struck me before until it was pointed out to me by a (straight) member of the audience in pub afterwards was how camp the suite is.   I had never thought of this before, but on reflection it is, and I don't think that was just our performance.

Now I have got over the initial thrill and excitement of playing as Paula, I am getting a real kick out of the music (as well) this orchestra can call on tremendous forces, on Sunday we had two harps, a celeste, four bassoons, saxophones, four trombones and two tubas, we even had a piano accordion, and that's not something you often get in a symphony orchestra!   It also has to be said that the over all technical and musical standard of the players is right up with the best amateur orchestras I have played with ~ and I get to wear a dress, so what's not to like!
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