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Paula's Place

Friday, 5 July 2013

A Dream

Last night I dreamt, that may not sound much to many of you, but if I do dream I rarely remember them when I awake.   Yet this was a particularly vivid dream and I remember much of it now even though I have been up a while now.

First I have to say that I was "him", not only was I him but I was him back in the days of employment, and I was desperately trying to organise a day off, even to the extent of going into the office and then saying I was going to go home and rest.    I think I have been overdoing it and need to take some time out, I just can't see how. I certainly still seem to have some level of commitment for the next nine days, and some of those are double booked.

I heard last night that the funeral for a long standing friend of mine who recently passed away will be on Wednesday morning.   I will be going, but that does mean I have to rearrange the work I had planned for that day.

And so it goes.
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