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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weeds, hair and bones

I have been just a little surprised how little reaction my hair has had since Wednesday, I have actually only had two comments one from my daughter who asked if I had had something done, and one from my wife who said it made me look like my Mother.   I have been too a band rehearsal, met a few friends and been about my normal work and no one else has said a thing, I must admit I did expect some reaction.

Later today I shall be up in town for the last rehearsal before next week's LGSO concert. I am really looking forward to the concert, but do not feel anywhere near ready for it, somehow I do need to fit in some tie to do some practise.   This is a constant problem for nearly all amateur musicians, especially those of us who play rather anti social instruments.   It seems that when I have the time someone else will be trying too sleep or watch the TV and wants a bit of quite.   This week it may be particularly challenging as at the moment I have scheduled nine and half to ten days work for the business but I only have nine days available.   With a meeting on Tuesday evening, and a band rehearsal on Wednesday even the evenings are looking pretty full.   This may be a case of just how much do I want to do it?

In amongst all my regular maintenance work I have been working on a little landscaping project that I plan t have completed this week, I reckon that I probably need a couple of days to have it all finished, I have a circle of paving to lay, the concrete edging to fix and then gravel to put down over the rest. the last photo shows the area for the gravel and paving covered with landscaping fabric, the idea is that this is meant to stop weeds rowing up through it, in practise I find that weeds will often germinate in the gravel and then put roots down into the soil through the fabric from above.   Still it does help and it keeps the soil separated from the gravel which helps keep things a bit tidier.
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