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Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Only One

Yesterday ended up being a frantic ~ so no real change there then.   I had hoped to get a bit of remunerative work done in the morning, but by the time I had visited the dump with all the waste from the roof we've been working on and sorted the van out it was time to go and measure up for a deck.   Of course the customer did not really know what they want so it ended up more as a design consultancy session, by the time I got home it was too late to go to a customer so I did a little work in my own garden!   Not much just a little weeding planted out my celery and fed the tomatoes, beans and other veg.   There is still lots to do, but it is beginning to look a little more like my garden again now.

My time management being what it is I spent too much time in the garden and cleaning the van and had no time to eat before having a quick shower and getting changed for the evening performance.   Somehow I managed to get my hands clean and got changed.   After my shower I was feeling quite fem, so remembering that I was meant to wear all black, rather than just an ordinary black shirt I wore a nice satin shirt blouse I have, the buttons are concealed (same as on a dress shirt) with long cuffs with three satin covered buttons on each along with my black moleskin side fastening trousers, I felt good and think I looked good.

When I got to the concert all the men were wearing dinner jackets with white shirts and all but two of the ladies were wearing black bottoms and white tops ~ ARGHHHH.   I'm, glad I had the conductors text with me to show why I was wearing all black.   Of course this also drew more attention to what I was wearing than would normally happen, but if anyone noticed anything I only had one comment;
"That's a girls blouse"
"But it's a girls blouse"
"Yes, but it is black"

After the concert we went for a couple of pints at "The Grape" where they had a good little band playing as part of the Crystal Palace Festival.   I always seem to miss this and be playing somewhere else when this is happening right on my doorstep.

When I got home I found my wife in bed and my daughter asleep on the sofa, so a quick sausage sandwich in the kitchen and bed. ~ Now to start getting ready for today's concert.
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