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Paula's Place

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Me and Beckham

I forgot to mention one little incident yesterday, as I was paying for my haircut there was a rather unattractive man lounging around outside the shop without a shirt, Nicky observed that is the sort of thing they have to put up with, why is it never David Beckham outside with his shirt off?

 After the hairdressers and the bank, and a quick trawl through the Charity Shops I decided to have a coffee and get on with some work I had brought with me.   One of the joys of a lap top is that I can do this take the work with me and sit in comfort somewhere enjoying a coffee and actually be working.   Rather than go to any of the local coffee shops I went to the very posh and rather illustrious Selsdon Park Hotel, sat in a corner of a lounge with my laptop enjoying a coffee and a view over the parkland.   This Hotel has quite a well-known golf course and often plays host to teams playing in big matches at Wembley, and Twickenham certainly the real David Beckham has stayed there quite a few times.   All the staff were very friendly and helpful, the coffee was good and cost no more than at a Costa or Starbucks.   In all honesty I think that the way I was dressed I must have fitted right in, if they had seen my van it may have been a different matter.

Not wanting to overstay my welcome I moved on, dropped a couple of things off at a friend’s house and found myself in Croydon, rather than go into the town centre and risk spending more money and wasting more time I popped into another hotel, the Hilton, and again enjoyed a cup of coffee while doing a little work.   It now seems to me that I am wasting my presence on the ordinary coffee shops I plan to make much more use of swanky hotels, they are more than happy to jus serve a cup of coffee or tea and offer a much more pleasant environment at no more cost.

While I was at the first Hotel I had a fiddle around with my laptop and got the webcam working for the first time, the photos of me on yesterday’s and today’s posts were taken on it.   All in all a very good day, but I always get the feeling of anti-climax and regret when I have to get changed and go home.
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