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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

When the Music Fades

After the concert most of the Orchestra, and quite a few of the audience went for a drink, one of the problems with playing in the City is the price of a beer afterwards.   Not only were the prices way high but to add insult to injury the bar closed very early.   A few of us decided to go to another pub afterwards, I hadn't realised just how far away the other pub was, and we ended up taking a bus!

Thank Goodness for the loo mirror
It was a fun way to end the evening with a beer in the company of some very nice people, and one or two totally outrageous ones.   In a quieter moment one of the more outrageous ones asked about my situation, especially interested in my sexuality, although he put it as "are you gay" I resisted the flippant answer of "well I'm quite happy", but gave a more considered reply.   This is something that has given me much pause for thought recently and my conclusion is that as a man I am straight, I fancy women, and only women, however as a woman it is more complicated I think Paula maybe Bi or straight, that is as a woman I do fancy men, I also fancy women but is that him in her subconscious, either way it doesn't really matter as I am married.   After that the conversation got a lot less heavy again.

The first dress, I really like this ne
I did get some compliments on my dress and more on my shoes, although I understand that I was "out shoed" by one of the violins with a particularly spectacular pair of heels.   Also after one of the lads complimented my dress the other girl I was with told him that he should have seen the one I wore last time as that was a really special dress!   I have four black dresses, one of them is probably a bit too short, and a couple of top and bottom combinations so that should be enough, but looks like I need to get some more shoes, this is war!
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