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Friday, 26 April 2013

Not a Thing to Wear

Well the good news is that I have managed to get this far into the week without breaking a finger nail!   This could be one of those rare occasions when all ten nails are of a matching aesthetically pleasing length, they will also be a very nice colour.   Only Friday and Saturday to get through now, I shall probably end up wearing gloves all day.

I also think that I now have got my cold on the retreat.   Yesterday was not as bad as Wednesday, and this morning I don't feel as bad as I have the previous couple of mornings so lets hope for he best.

One thing I have found with playing these concerts that has never been a problem for him, is the issue of what to wear, I have pondered what my concert dress will be and have made up my mind on that, but of course there is still the rehearsal.   I want something casual, but still feminine, if the weather had held I would have worn my white linen trousers, but it looks as though i will be too cool for anything as summery as them.   I could wear skinny jeans again but don't want to wear a sweater with them and most of my tops are a bit short (I like skinny jeans or leggings but only really with tunic length tops) and then there is the problem of shoes, like many girls like me most of my shoes have been bought for their style rather than practicality.   So now I am looking for a comfortable, casual outfit to wear throughout the day with practical comfortable shoes and find that "I have nothing to wear".

I think that this is a problem several of us can find, we buy the clothes that attract us, which of course tend to be the pretty, special, or formal feminine clothes, rather than the practical everyday comfortable and casual.   Looks like I will once again resort to jeans top and ankle boots, I draw the line at trainers!

The pictures are of a couple of previous attempts at casual outfits, while I quite like both, I fear the heels on the boots in the first are to high, and the length of the skirt in the second is too short.   I have a pair of flat heeled knee boots that look really nice, but are just a little too tight to want to wear for long.   I really should get rid of them but am reluctant until I have something else that will take their place.
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