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Paula's Place

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Not a lot

Just to say, well not much. Life goes on but not necessarily easily. We got a letter the other day from the BRIT school telling us that our daughter had not got a place, we have just spent the last couple of hours drafting an appeal, please pray for her, a place there would be so good for her. She has real talent and just needs the right chance and environment to develop.   I know I am biased but I am assured by friends in the business that she is special.

So apart from that not much to report, I have a concert at the weekend which I am looking forward to, with slightly mixed feelings, a chance to dress up and t play the trombone, but on the other hand I a woefully out of practise and will have t do the concert on one rehearsal.   Today I did manage a small outing.   Not a lot but I went and had my hair done, Nicky suggests that I have my hair permed to give it some volume, it looks so much better after a blow dry I am inclined to agree, I am just a little concerned about how it will look while I am in drab.   I should have had a photo for you to comment on but it's late and I'm tired.

As I said I had a little outing I was dressed, I don't like to confuse people and my hairdresser only knows Paula, after having my hair done I went to a Garden Centre and bought some onion sets, then at the check out I go "Sired" my confidence plummeted.   After that I went to the Building Society, there they are always friendly and have a chat with me, one of the cashiers in particular is always keen to check my nails and talk about them, after that I popped into a pub to pick up an entry form for a talent show they are hosting.   While there I had a couple of gasses of wine and a nice chat with the barmaid, who called me "sweety" or something of the sort and was very accepting, so there you go then.
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