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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


A fellow blogger made this passing comment on a recent post "Her boyfriend fantasized about her showing up at his door, wearing just a trench coat over lingerie." It reminded me of an occasion many, many years ago, and one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had.   My girlfriend of the time was, ahem, enthusiastic about the physical side of our relationship, as a young man I did my best not to disappoint her.   Well one evening she showed up a little unexpectedly on our doorstep wearing an over coat.

Once she was certain that it was me who answered the door she opened her coat to show that she was just wearing Bra Panties, Stockings and Suspender belt underneath.   I was still living with y parents at the time, and just as we were going to go upstairs my father came out to see who it was and say hello.   It was quite surreal witnessing the conversation unfold knowing how she was dressed.   Later we went out together and I found it so erotic knowing how she was dressed under her coat.   We went to a pub for drink, at her suggestion, she went to the ladies and when she came back presented me with her panties.

I could barely contain myself until she eventually allowed us to go somewhere where we could be, alone, and more intimate.

I still fantasise about this sometimes, it's just that now, it would be me in just my underwear under the coat.
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