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Paula's Place

Monday, 15 April 2013

Just a quicky

It's pretty late Saturday night, well actually it's now just into Sunday Morning and I have to get up fairy early to take my daughter to school for the beginning of the new term, so just a quick update,   On way back from Cardiff I went straight to the LGSO rehearsal and have only just got home having stopped on the way for a quick beer.

I was quite surprised as I pulled into Grafton Way (we rehearse in teh Indian YMCA) to be met by a crowd waving colorful flags and generally milling around.    A little later I realised that this was the Venezuelan Embassy that was serving as a Polling Station for the ex-pat community.   I get the impression that most of those outside the building wanted a change in government, but it was all very good natured and good humored.

At the rehearsal it was good to finally get to grips with the Mahler, and to have a full section, we now have a first trombone, and she is taller than me! I was speculating to myself about her height was she the same height as me or a little taller? when it dawned on me that I was wearing heels and she was in flats.   I'm not sure that we will make the prettiest section in the orchestra, but I will sure give it a try.   To see what I mean here are a couple of photos the excellent Robin Kelly sent me from the last LGSW concert
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