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Paula's Place

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hair today

A subject close to the heart of many girls like me is hair removal, Meg has just been discussing this issue and now I find that Daily Makeover are considering it as well.   Personally I have generally relied on shaving, it is quick easy (mostly) painless and effective.   I have tried creams and found them to be smelly, and not as effective.   I have also tried self waxing, painful and not as effective.

I do rather like the idea of having a professional full body wax, I think that having it done professionally should give a better longer lasting result without the inconvenience, just a cost.   Maybe if one day I have an occasion that requires a nice smooth image I may succumb to temptation, but probably not.

One form of hair removal which both of these authorities seem to have overlooked is threading.   It is a while since I have had my eyebrows threaded, and it shows.   There are some who can carry off heavy eyebrows, but I need to claim every bit femininity I can get.   Threading is in effect a form of plucking, but over quicker, it is not pain free, but the results are worth it, and as I say it is over quickly.
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