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Paula's Place

Monday, 29 April 2013

All Change

Whilst enjoying my bath and tea yesterday morning I got a phone call from my friend, he was behind with project that had to be completed by this morning so would not be able to make the concert after all.   I was disappointed that he could not make it but I do wish him very well with today's endeavours.   The downside very much not having the company support or shared experience, but of course there is always an upside and my logistics would be a bit easier.   Of course I would have preferred the complications but as they say "always look on the bright side of life"

I returned from Church in good time without having to rush and stopped off at Tesco to get more drugs to try and keep my runny nose dammed.   As I had made most of my preparations in advance it was a simple matter to make the few garment and underpinning adjustments required before loading up the van and setting off.

This was a bit of a strange situation, as usual I had been looking forward to my outing, but as I was still feeling a bit grotty if I could I would have cancelled.   But this is the real world ~ not some sort of trannie heaven ~ and I was committed to play so I had to go through with it.   This is one area where I truly feel as though I am making progress, by doing "real" things, taking part in activities that are not solely centred on dressing up, Paula is becoming more and more a reality, and I am beginning to understand more and more about this aspect of my life.   But more of that later.

The journey up to town was easy and my only problem was finding somewhere to park, as the bays I used last time were suspended.    This meant that I was just a little late but missed nothing important.

As I know that some of you like these details I was wearing boot cut faded black jeans, black ankle boots with a cuban heel, a purple casual top and blue denim jacket.   For once I did not feel over dressed, still definitely feminine but comfortable and casual, after all I would be doing the whole glam thing later.
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