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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A tall story

To be honest my cold meant that I had to concentrate even harder than normal, just to keep up, and then I seemed to develop a nasty habit of coughing loudly in all the quite bits.   I had a bottle of "Covonia" with me and every now and then took a judicious swig.   Along with a few decongestant capsules I hoped I would get through.

After the rehearsal we had time for a quick, late lunch at a Carluccio's just round the corner before getting changed for the concert itself.   I had decided on the most demure of my LBDs but also my most outrageous shoes, I think they are a four inch heel with a very small platform, metallic silver leather sandals, as I soon found out they may look great, not so easy to walk in.   I know I felt as though I looked like a million dollars, between the height of the heels and the soft fabric swirl of the skirt across my thighs (yes I had also decided on stockings) I felt so sexy, somehow powerful and vulnerable at the same time.

We got through the overture without incident, although I did start to have a little problem with a suspender clip, then left the stage to the strings and the soloist for the concerto.   This is the first time I am aware of hearing this saxophone concerto (by Glasinov) it was certainly a tour de force but maybe just a little short on tunes.    Having had half a bottle of wine with lunch I resisted having any more during the interval, just topped myself up with Covonia and decongestants before  we took on the Mahler symphony.

While I didn't cough too much I am sure that being "off my face" on cough mixture was not the best way to approach this very challenging piece.   I think the best way to describe my performance was that "I got away with it" in the end the combination of drugs, booze and lack of sleep was just too much to maintain my concentration at the level needed.   Still at least I looked fabulous!

Of passing interest the first trombone was a fairly young (to me at least) girl, I think maybe still at music college, it only struck me just how tall she is when I realised that we were about the same height only I had on my heels and she was wearing ballet pumps!
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