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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Losing It

This is not a blog about shoes, so it is time to move on to other matters. recently I found myself losing things.   At one of my recent concerts I managed to lose a jacket, on another occasion I managed to lose a book, and now I seem to have lost my favourite tuba mouthpiece.   I have others but none of them fit or work as well with my big CC.   This is a bit of a disaster as mouthpieces that size are not common in Europe, never mind the UK they are also very expensive and I have a concert next Wednesday when I really could do with one.   Now it seems I have lost a day's work, but that's the weather's fault not mine.

I think what is worrying me as much as the losses is what is causing it, I know I am a bit distracted at the moment with family matters and finance but to lose a mouthpiece! (any brass player will understand my consternation).   I wonder if it is the lack of alcohol, maybe I should break my Lenten fast and start drinking again, after all it may be good for my health!

However I did do a bit of shopping on Thursday and that cheered me up a bit, I found a copy of the book I lost at my local Red Cross charity shop so at least I can now finish reading that.   I also managed to buy a nice little handbag (purse) I expect I will use it mostly as a clutch bag but it has a detachable strap so it can also be used as shoulder bag, I have a similar one in gray (just one shade not 50) so it will be nice to have a black one to match all those shoes (oops they keep cropping up don't they).

I may be having an evening out this weekend, on Saturday the Croydon Trans Group meet, I haven't been to a meeting for a while so it would be good to go and catch up with the other girls, and let them know that I'm OK as the last time I saw them was at the height of our marital hiatus, I will ask my wife and see what she says.   Of course if she says yes then I have the decision of what to wear......

The more observant of you may have noticed I have added an additional page, just called shoes.   As my recent posts on this topic seem to have been quite popular I have put a separate page up with all the photos I used over the last week, plus one or two.   If I ever manage to get my old photos back off the crashed hard drive I may add some of my own favorites.
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