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Paula's Place

Thursday, 14 March 2013


I'm just sitting quietly at my laptop as the day comes to a close.   Shortly I shall be going to bed, my wife went up some time ago and is quietly snoring away already even the cats have calmed down and gone to sleep.   By my standards it's not terribly late but as a family we have had quite a tiring time of it over the last few days.

With one thing and another I have got behind with all sorts of things that need to be done, both work and domestic, mostly pretty boring things, after all they are the ones that are easiest to put off, but today I did do a little forward planning and have worked out my weekend schedules for the rest of March and into April.   I have to do this so I know when I will be having a weekend in Cardiff and which LGSO rehearsals I can make.   I am looking forward to my next concert with the Orchestra but it looks like I will only make three or four rehearsals, this will mean more practise at home.

I also need to work out what I will do for my day off this month, I am determined to maintain my day off each month, however I am not aware of any major exhibitions on in London that excite me, so maybe I will have a look around and see what lunchtime concerts are on, or maybe a trip down to Brighton to have a look round the Pavilion.   I shall have to make my mind up soon or I will miss out this month and break one of the resolutions that is closest to my heart.

Anyway enough waffling time for bed, BOING!
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