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Paula's Place

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reasons to be Cheerfull

I did say I would come back to some of what happened at our counselling session the other night, well a lot happened that I have been thinking about, but the main two things are that my wife has accepted that this is a part of me, and that she has been continuing to do some research.   A while back Sky produced a documentary "Transvestite Wives" this is now available on line and clearly my wife has watched this.   After watching it initially she said to me that she could never do that, i.e. go out with me dressed, and even helping with choosing clothes etc.   On Tuesday night she said that she was not ready to that, not yet anyway, maybe when our daughter has left home.   Now to me that is pretty positive on two levels.  One that she can envisage a higher level of acceptance, and two that she is planning to stay with me after our daughter leaves home (as will inevitably happen one day), this is a relief as I will admit I was not too sure about her long term plans.

We also agreed that we will talk about this, but she needs to make some decisions, primarily about hw much she wants to know.   This is a strange area as on one hand she feels that what she deosn't know can't hurt her, b ut at the same time the feeling of being lyed to hurts.   I have tended to adopt a don't ask don't tell policy, but was able to reasure my wife that I have tried not to lie, but have not always told the whole truth.   By that I mean I was always where I said I was, with who I said I was with, just not necesarily how I was dressed.   Most of the time she knows I am sure.   Today I am going to the RA to see the Manet exhibition, Paula will be going and I am sure that my wife understands that, but it has not been said.

On Monday night we will be having our first"games" night, this is designed to get us sitting down together playing backgammon and talking over the board.   I am sure it will be fun, it will help us grw back together and maybe the talking will help us both.

Anyway enough of the heavy stuff, back to the LBD, the last offering did not get universal approval, s here is another for your approval.   This is a jersey knit dress with a high neck with three buttons at the back (of the neck) long sleeves and a slightly longer, nicely full asymetric skirt.   Is this better?   By the way I think black shoes would be better with any of the LBDs
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