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Saturday, 9 February 2013


I have a customer, one of those that is fast becoming a friend as well, who is one of those annoying women who not only has immaculate taste, but always looks elegant.   I believe that she does not have the capacity to be scruffy, when ever I have seen she has looked perfect, whether on a Saturday morning in a cotton dress, straight from work in a suit or nice dress or even n an evening out in the pub.   I a assured that she does own a pair of jeans, but I haven't seen them and doubt if she has such a thing as a tee shirt.
Well working there yesterday she came home from work before we had finished, and she was wearing a lovely mauve dress from M & S with a tweed jacket that had a matching mauve thread running through it, and the button hole details in that same mauve thread. ~ she looked stunning ~ the combination was so perfect, with black tights and shoes everything was just right.   I don't know what she must think of me but, not for the first time, I had to say how good I thought she looked, how much I liked what she was wearing.

Tomorrow I have a rehearsal for my concert next Sunday, I have been wondering what to wear, I think I will now emulate my customer and wear my own purple skater dress, I can't manage the matching jacket, but maybe with a black cardigan it will be sufficiently casual for the occasion.

By the way I am rather proud of the work I am doing at this customer's so expect photos at some point.
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