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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nearly there

Yesterday was the final rehearsal for next Sunday's concert, we will have a run through on the day at the venue, but last night was the last time we would be able to really take the music apart and work on it.   A lot of the evening was taken up with the concerto, and as the trombones are not in that we had a late start.   This mean that I had time to watch the end of the rugby before leaving and getting changed.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Rugby (actually all the games so far this championship have been good), and it was nice to have a little more time to get ready and prepare.   As I suggested I did wear my purple dress, it felt great, and very natural.   As we finished a little early this was also my first opportunity to join the others for a drink after the rehearsal.   It was very nice to be bought drinks all night and we had some very interesting conversations, my own dressing/gender identity situation has still not been mentioned once.   For me this still feels a slightly odd situation, in a way I am amongst civilians, but everyone in this orchestra are part of the LBGT community, but I am the sole T representative (a far as I can tell), also I would self identify as straight, and although I have no problem being in the company of my gay friends, I think this is a first for me where the company is exclusively gay.

I am looking forward to the concert eagerly now, and hope to be invited to join them again, however I am not at all sure I can make this level of commitment to rehearsals, I have told the Brass Band that I am leaving them as I need more time with my family, it is no fair to anyone if I then just replace one commitment with another one, still it is good to be playing with an orchestra again, and it will be great when Paula finally makes her debut.
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