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Paula's Place

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Stockings and heels

I started writing this the other day, but wasn't really happy with the way it was going, as I am currently feeling a bit down and very lethargic I thought I might as well go ahead with it anyway.

I mentioned in passing the other day that on the occasions when I am dressing, at the moment, I am limiting myself to wearing trousers, jeans or leggings and low heels, there are a couple reasons for this.   One is the purely practical one in that to please my wife I am resisting the temptation to shave anything other than my face.  The other reason, is to try to assess just how much of the attraction of women's clothes is that they are for women, and how much is down to the lure of skirts, stockings, dresses and high heels.  

Today I sort of broke out a bit and wore a dress and high heels, and it felt so good.   I have been enjoying my odd outings but it was definitely nice to wear something a bit prettier.  I don't know what this means, but I may mull it over, or I may just accept that that is more my style.   I have one friend who is always immaculately turned out, I have never seen her other than wearing heels and a dress, or a skirt suit.   She is one of those annoying women who always looks good, stylish, and elegant, I am told that she does posses a pair of jeans, I bet they are always clean and are a perfect fit.   That's how I see Paula, I'm not sure that others do, but it is an aspiration.

In the mean time I shall continue with my current regime, until my concert on the 17th Feb. I'm not yet sure what the dress code is for this, (black & white, all black short, or long black are the usual choices) but I suspect that whatever way it goes I shall be needing to get the razor out!   I tried one of my LBDs the other day with a variety of patterned and plain opaque black tights and they just don't work for this sort of occasion.   I have some rather nice, fancy fem dress black trousers, but at this stage that rather seems to destroy the point.
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